Why Is Blogging for your Business Important?

Why is blogging, especially on your website, a good idea? Done right – blogs that live on your website create lasting value to you and your customers. Blogs provide a rich opportunity to include keyword phrases which should come directly from your own experiences with customers and the questions they ask.

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Take those phrases and do some quick keyword research to determine the best opportunities for successful organic search phrases. Look for phrases your customers use that have good numbers, but low competition. While you are using an ad words tool, you are not purchasing ad words – just using the information to inform your blog content decision(s).

If your blog honestly answers the questions your future customers are asking, you have moved closer to an engagement. If your blog page includes a relevant call to action you have a good shot at collecting that potential customer’s contact information and permission to send them valuable information or a compelling offer. Conversion to customer status won’t be far behind. Research shows that websites that have blog content enjoy a multiplier effect in traffic. Websites with active blogs will yield 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t.

These blog pages create credibility for you and your business with your future customers, because you are answering the questions they have about your product or services.  Plus you gain credibility with Google and other search engines, which means your website will be served up more often in a search.

So, #1, your customers win because they get their questions answered, and, #2, you win because you are perceived as a credible source, AND, more and more future customers will find answers to their questions too!

Remember the ROBO effect. Most people Research Online and Buy Offline. Smart marketers will put a strategy in place to meet their customers where they are at – online asking questions.  If you are waiting for that potential customer to show up at your place of business or call you to get their questions answered – you may be waiting for a long time.

My best to you – Katie Donovan

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