What does it Cost? What is the Value?

Once again, Seth Godin writes on a topic that isquestion mark with money top-of-mind for me, and undoubtedly many others that make their living with their intellectual capital and skills.  His post,The Story of Money, graphically represents this ageless challenge – creating a fair price for our work, and even more important valuing our work.

I think the answer begins in personally valuing your own work.  The key is feeling good about putting in the effort to consistently do solidly good work. Then knowing what it takes to maintain the ability to show up there (at the place of consistently good work) physically, mentally and emotionally.  That means:

  1. Taking care of yourself Physically so you are on the top of your game and paying attention to your environment and tools to be sure they are ready to work when you are.
  2.  Mentally showing up without resistance, ready to ask the questions to get the answers you need to effectively move a project forward to a successful conclusion.
  3. And, Emotionally, understanding that the best way to show-up for work is in a place of gratitude for the opportunity to serve your client and abundantly share your gifts of knowledge and experience.  By the way, plan on leaving your personal problems, judgments and concerns outside the door.

Then, and only then, can you tackle the pricing challenge. Check out Godin’s graph, but also check the marketplace to know what the market will bear.  Last, fully understand and list the scope of the project – pricing against that scope.  Don’t forget to consider and price contingencies like additional enhancements, tight or missed deadlines, necessary research, and out-of-pocket expenses, taxes or fees.

You probably really want to know what it costs for my services. The real answer is that it depends. I do have a standard fee schedule but, depending on your request and needs, prices will vary.  For example, a one-time project will be at the top of my rate card, while a longer term commitment and opportunity to serve will be reflected in a more favorable rate.

If you have a project in mind, review my list of services, if you think I might be able to help you – give me a call and we can discuss the details.  No obligation, just talk.

My best to you – Katie Donovan

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