Publish Only When Satisfied

Not to be harsh – but spelling errors, missed words, awkward sentence structure or poor grammar almost always trigger harsh judgment by me about the writer,  a judgment that will rarely be reversed.  Not so long ago a resume submitted by a very ardent and hopeful candidate looking for work in a “fast-paste” environment landed on my desk.  Clearly, the candidate meant fast-paced.  The only thing fast about our environment that day was how quickly that resume landed in the waste basket!

graphic - how does digital technology affect youToday our smart phones, tablets and computers conspire against us, making us look like idiots.  Modern features like spell-check, auto-fill and grammar checks that think for us, have lulled us into a false sense of security.  In your rush to publish, especially in social media, there can often be disastrous results. We have all chuckled over the comedy of errors that an auto-fill can create, or been stunned by the errors in spelling that regularly show up in our newsfeed on Facebook.

Posting in social media begs for some of the traditional rules of writing to get bent on occasion, but don’t think that sloppy writing, even in your posts, gets chalked up to style. Wrong is wrong, and you have the tools to get it right – your brain and your eyes.

Before you publish by hitting “send” take a beat, read your post, re-read your post and fix any errors. Publish only when you are satisfied that what you have written matches your intention and is a clear and positive reflection of you – and by extension – your business.

They say that online – content is king.  I say –  not if the king can’t spell.

My best to you – Katie Donovan

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