Four Ideas for Writing Better Blogs for Your Business

In counseling clients on writing better blogs – I almost always find some resistance. While they may understand the tremendous value of blogging to their business, they often push back with a litany of excuses:

–          I’m not a good writer.Clipboard with fountain pen

–          I don’t have time.

–          I don’t know what to say.

–          I’m a terrible speller.

… and, the list goes on.

Underlying it all, in my opinion, is FEAR, plain and simple. Here are some fear-busting actions to consider:

  1. Visualize the Reader: Get a picture of a customer of yours in mind and think about one question you know they have. Imagine yourself speaking directly to that customer.
  2. Speak/Write from the Heart: Find your authentic, truthful voice as you answer the question.
  3. Pick Up A Pen: Consider writing your first draft of your blog in your own hand without stopping for edits.  (I know this seems counter-intuitive, but this Free-Writing Practice which is taught by ClarityWorks, helps writers reach a deeper and more authentic place.)
  4. Use Technology:  If transcribing or typing seems laborious, consider using some of the readily available voice to text transcription software programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Green marker highlighting definition of SEOOnce you have a first draft typed up you are ready to edit, polish and prepare your blog to be published. Next, choose an appropriate headline which includes one of your pre-researched, keyword phrases. Also, look to logically insert the keyword phrase(s) into the body of your copy where it might make sense. This is a search engine optimization (SEO) tactic that is based on writing the copy first to genuinely meet the needs of your reader, and optimizes for search second. There are also programs available that will review your blog for you, suggesting places for inserting keywords and headline treatments for you, I recommend ScribeSEO.

Just before you are ready to load your edited and optimized blog onto your website, do an online search for compelling images which might enhance the visual value of your blog.  An image that illustrates a key message and captures the attention of your target reader is your best choice. I begin my search at Google Images for loads of free images.

Remember, every blog post is another opportunity to educate your current or future customers – plan your subject matter for each of your blogs to reinforce one major point.  Commit to a regular schedule of fresh, original content. Each new blog is like a deposit in a bank that continues to earn interest (pun intended).

Overcome your fear; watch your business grow as you begin writing better blogs.

Please feel free to comment about your fears about writing blogs and/or share your ideas.Marketing Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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