Why Is Inbound Marketing So Important?

Picture of a person at home searching onlineWhether your business is geared up to sell to other businesses or direct to consumers, getting found online by your current and future customers is absolutely essential.  Why? Because research says that as of April 2012, 82 percent of all American adults 18 + use the internet, and the largest categories of use were search and email. It stands to reason that more and more new business relationships are beginning with an online search.  The percentage of online shoppers continues to climb but most important more and more people are doing their research and education online and shopping offline armed with the latest information about your product or service.

Furthermore the explosion of ownership of smart phones with internet capabilities has super-charged the access to search. Pew Research says that as of February of 2012 more than half the adults in America own a smart phone, eclipsing those that have a basic cell phone.  Next, the cost of tablets continues to go down and more and more people are using a tablet for a wide variety of online functions, including search.

It was just a few years ago that companies were beginning to understand that comprehending the principles underlying search engine algorithms used by search companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo could create a competitive advantage. The race for a competitive advantage in search engine optimization tactics spawned a host of businesses employing tactics that essentially “gamed the system”  creating dramatic, albeit artificial, improvements in search results and page position. Just months ago search giant Google changed its algorithms substantially in an effort to favor more authentic search tactics to benefit the searcher.

Elements of Inbound Marketing So enough about this background – what you really need to know is: Why is Inbound Marketing so Important for Your Business?  Inbound Marketing refers to an organized system which includes the creation of easy-to-navigate web pages and blogs (and other tactics to generate free sources of traffic) featuring high-quality relevant content rich with targeted keywords and key phrases to maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These sources attract  visitors and leads through quality content and social media sharing. This in turn encourages customers to share their contact information with you for future engagements like promotions, follow-up, and ultimately, a conversion to sales.

The internet, search engines, and social media have revolutionized marketing. Where once all of the control was in the hands of the big business and Madison Avenue sales executives. Then the name of the game was pushing out a programmed message to the largest number of people as possible to sell more products.Today, because of search and discovery functions online, it is the customer that is in charge. Inbound Marketing helps you and your business get found online by answering the questions customers are asking. Maintaining an authentic and transparent presence online will help you pull your prospects to you, one by one.

Quality content is central to an Inbound Marketing strategy and delivering this content online serves up the information to your customers where they want it and when they want it. How do your content and content delivery methods measure up? Use the contact form to request a Free Consultation on your online elements of Inbound Marketing.
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