On Blogging – Just Once Is Not Enough

Blog Spelled with FingersWouldn’t it be great if you were heard, really heard just once for your point of view to be fully understood?  I say a resounding NO. You have important messages or concepts to deliver to your customers/readers. It is good to remember that understanding and clarity come to each reader in their own time and in their own way. As a blogger know that one great blog or web page is simply not enough.

While I agree that a well-crafted message that has been carefully refined can pack a punch – there is true value in repetition for you the teacher, and your student.  It is the way we all learn – through repetition.  Repeating a message, a key message, in many different ways accommodates a richer learning experience.

Water SpoutEverybody learns basic concepts, core concepts, by seeing/hearing them modeled in dozens of different ways. We seem to forget all the foundational learning that precedes the breakthrough to understanding. Remember Annie Sullivan dragged the stubborn Helen Keller all over the house and garden in an endless search for the breakthrough moment when the blind and deaf child would grasp the key to learning.  Imagine the total elation for both teacher and student as the water splashed over their hands while they formed the letters W – A – T –E – R with hand signs.

It is good to remember that all the foundational learning precedes the breakthrough to understanding.  As teachers we have a responsibility to provide both foundational knowledge and breakthrough moments for our students.  Repetition is called the key to learning – your challenge is to find dozens of different ways to say the same thing.  As teachers in pursuit of that flash of comprehension, that W – A -T- E- R moment, we continue to search for new ways to communicate, demonstrate and advocate for our ideas. Helen Keller went on to be a great teacher and source for inspiration. Helen Keller quote that calls us to touch the hearts of our readers

As a blogger that is committed to offering lessons of value for my readers, I won’t be looking for the magic ticket that will communicate my point of view just once.  Instead I will patiently and politely repeat, reframe, repeat until learning has occurred, my mission accomplished – until the next lesson.

What approaches do you use to communicate a key message in different ways? How do you touch the hearts of your readers?
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