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Fans in front of a Facebook logoOkay, you have established your Facebook Fan Page; selected a compelling cover image that positively reflects your business; you know that your logo (not your face) goes in the profile box on the left hand side – and you even understand how to use  “Insights” on the admin panel to evaluate and improve your posts.  But, you have hit the proverbial wall on growing your fan base.

Aside from regularly visiting and using the functions found in the “Build Audience” button drop down and hitting the “Invite” button on your admin panel whenever you see a friend’s name that you think would “LIKE” your page, one of the best things you can do is provide more value and function for your fan page visitors.

Here’s how, take a close look at your fan page.  Right under the “Like” and “Message” buttons you will see a series of rectangles. On the left you have probably noticed that whenever you make a post that includes an image, a copy of that image is added to your “Photos” which can be accessed by hitting that rectangle as you would any other button.  The “Photos” rectangle will always remain in that spot.  However, all the other rectangles even the ones on the second row (click the down arrow on the right to reveal) can be arranged in the order you want.Arrow Points to Tab boxes on fan page

These rectangles represent prime real estate on your fan page. It is available for you to create special applications that open up after you hit the rectangle/button with a new custom image.  There are tools available which make it possible for you to import fully functioning web pages.  On my fan page, I created a special button for my blog “WordUp!” When a visitor hits that button, my blog page from my website is revealed and is fully functional.  Imagine all the special applications you can import! If you are an author you could import the sales page from Amazon to sell your book directly from your fan page; you can create a special page to collect email addresses for your newsletter; you can highlight special events and even have a sign-up registration form. Imagine the possibilities for your fans.

The time it takes to get these tab buttons and applications functional on your fan page can be measured in minutes, not hours or days. Even better, there is also a tool available which serves as a “LIKE gate” which asks a visitor to “Like” the fan page before being granted access to your premium content. Offering access to premium content while you build your audience – this is amazing.

If you would like to know more about how to add this audience-building function to your social media strategy, send me a message in the comment box below or private message me with your name, question and phone number.
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