4 Quick Ways to Kill Momentum on your Business Blog

Silver momentum balls at a stopLet’s assume you do know the value of consistent blogging for your business?  If not, take a detour and read this blog.

Now, how are you killing momentum on your blog?

  1. Fail to Plan.  Lack of planning makes showing up at a blank page or screen an odious chore to avoid. Planning means you will never be at a loss for what to write. Here are some steps to take to insert planning into your blogging process:
  • Choose your ideal blog frequency and make a plan to keep that frequency promise to your readers and yourself.
  • Create an editorial calendar and interface that calendar with your own calendar and to-do list.
  • A good way to start is to know your customers and their concerns, and if you can create customer profiles/segments so you can build specific blog topics into your plan to address their unique questions.
  • Keep an idea file where you can capture those good ideas you get during your customer interactions.

2.   Content not Customer-Focused.  If you don’t have your customer’s firmly in mind when you craft your blogs you will not be answering their questions and concerns.  When you fail to connect with your customer’s true needs you will slip into selling your business.  And, while your readers may put up with the occasional pitch, you will soon find them slipping away.  Remember, the purpose of the blog is to engage with customers and potential customers – you will be far more attractive to them if you are talking about them not you.

3.  Blog Posts are Hidden. You write your blog posts and then rush to publish skipping over the essential steps to make sure that your blog will be seen.  Search Engine Optimization and marketing in Social Media are important steps to take. Try this:

  • Before you publish do some keyword research in conjunction with your blog content and headline will help you make good decisions about which keyword phrases to call out in tags.
  • Prepare your blog for publishing with keywords knowing that you have helped search engines find your blog.
  •  Marketing out your latest blog to your social networks is easy to do and honors your work and your customers.

4.  You Don’t Invite Feedback.  Blogging is meant to be an engaging medium ripe for comment and/or sharing. If you fail to invite your readers to easily receive your blog, make it hard for them to comment or share and then don’t answer when they do, your readers will eventually oblige by not doing any of the above. When you don’t get feedback it is much harder to maintain momentum.

So there you have it, four ways to kill the momentum of your business blog.  Don’t plan, don’t address your customer needs, hide your blogs and by all means don’t invite comments or feedback.

Did you see yourself here?  Was it helpful?


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