The Truth About My 2012 – Walking My Talk

Walking my talk, woman walking in the weeds2012 was an exciting and challenging year of growth as I stepped out on a limb to rebuild my marketing consulting business around the concepts on getting found online.  After a decade and a half of operating a successful full-service marketing and media shop, I stripped down to a one person firm and re-invented myself and my business based on my core strengths.  The best and most challenging part of this process was recognizing that I needed to walk my talk. This meant that I had to find my own voice and fearlessly show up regularly at a blank screen to produce relevant and remarkable material that you would find useful.  After all, if I am going to ask you to blog on behalf of your business, I have to be willing to do the same.

Just the other day an annual report from Word Press on the performance of my blog posts in 2012 arrived in my email box. Stunned but not surprised was my feeling when I learned that there was one particular blog post that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  I was not surprised because I can still remember the exhilarated feeling I had when I posted that particular blog.

That day I already had a topic planned and the research done for the blog, yet when I sat down to write I was compelled to write something different.  Upon reflection, the magic juice in this blog was truth and storytelling.  Not that I don’t write the truth all the time – but this time I had a story to tell from my own experience that I felt was worthy to share.

The lesson here is that truth, real honest-to-goodness-truth-from -the-heart truth will always win the day.  My pledge to myself, and to you, is that in 2013 I will dig deeper and look more closely for those opportunities to share that kind of truth.  Thanks for coming along, and for sharing your own truth.

K. Donovan Consulting, LLC was established in 2012 by owner Katie Donovan after decades of experience in conventional marketing settings. 

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