Why Wait? Don’t Hesitate!

As an introvert, but situational extrovert, I sometimes find it difficult to step up and step out to engage with prospects and even current customers.  This phenomenon is most often present when I spend too much time in isolation and in my own head – sometimes a real challenge for my working from home lifestyle.

This was a day when I was able to strike the right balance between introspection and action. Being part of a business referral network group is energizing and helpful at bringing me out of isolation and into a helping mindset. On this particular day it was just the tonic I needed.

Thought bubble with text - "I got nothing"Having recently lost a very dear friend a few weeks prior had plunged me into a quiet and reflective space…maybe too quiet. During that time it was difficult to come up with any topics for my blog and even more difficult to make meaningful connections in my social media channels.  Day after day I would open up my laptop and visit my profile sites. If there would have been a thought bubble above my head it would say “I got nothing.” The business lesson here was that not having a sufficient pipeline of ideas and reserve blogs served to compound my isolation and make me feel guilty for letting down my subscribers.

Turning the corner on this depression happened shortly after I received the burst of energy from that room full of optimistic business owners. After the meeting, a few errands, and some file organizing at my desk, I found myself at a noisy coffee shop to work on a writing project.  The writing flowed well to completion and having some extra time I decided to tackle my blog writer’s block. Within 15 minutes I had ten good ideas for future blogs and a resolution to get at least two or three written and in the queue to publish.

Back to my home office and my clean organized desk. Still in momentum, I started acting on some hard to do items on my to-do list that were causing me to hesitate – making a collection call to a client, trying again to reach a client that had not returned some previous calls.  This is hard work for an introvert. Having tackled those items, I checked in on Facebook and saw that a former employee that I hadn’t spoken to in at least six months was online. Overcoming my hesitation I opened up the chat box and  had a very nice conversation plus an exchange of lead opportunities. Next the client that I had called to discuss payment returned my call (this rarely happens as he often relies on an assistant to make those connections). We had a great conversation about upcoming projects, and oh by the way – my payment was on the way.

These interactions were different from other recent ones in only one way. I had not hesitated to make the connection or get into action. Overcoming the isolation of introversion by getting outside of myself, making connections and focusing on other people’s needs made all the difference.  So why wait? Don’t hesitate!


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