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Profile Picture of Katie Donovan I am crazy for words. They are the building blocks that make your marketing work. A well-turned phrase, great ad copy, useful and searchable online descriptions of your business will all resonate with your customers. And, isn’t engaging your customers, so you can meet their needs or solve their problems, what it is all about?

That is why I established Best Way With Words.com to present a regular Blog – Word Up! The meaning of “word up” according to the Urban Slang dictionary is “I agree.” Hope you will agree that the content offered up on WordUp! will represent the best advice and resources to fine tune your online marketing strategies. On this site you will also find detailed lists of marketing services, capabilities and past work samples demonstrating my Best Way With Words.

With 30+ years of marketing experience, I have always prided myself on being a continuous student of the latest trends that will have an impact on business. After years of leading a full-service marketing business with an in-house team of professionals, I decided to narrow my focus to helping businesses fine tune their online marketing strategies because, in case you hadn’t noticed, the marketing game has changed substantially.

If you are not getting the kind of traction you were accustomed to with traditional media and marketing, your website has not been updated in months or years, and you are simply baffled by social media – you need help!  Go to my Contact page to grab my phone number or fill-out a request for contact, and if you are not ready to meet, please be my guest and subscribe to my blog for the latest advice and updates on Inbound Marketing tactics.

All my best,

Katie Donovan