Summary of Services

Inbound Marketing –  Includes a full suite of tactics to help you maximize your online presence. For most businesses, service begins with the development of an Inbound Marketing Plan.  The Plan becomes a road map for going forward.

Content Development –  At the heart of an inbound marketing strategy is premium content.  Engage and educate your future customers with premium content like: blogs, e-books, white papers, instructional videos, and webinars. Let’s choose the right content plan for your customers and your business.

Online Advertising –  Reaching your target audience with a laser focus is easier than ever with online advertising options.  Capturing the attention of your prospect, delivering them to a landing page or your web page makes it easier than ever to track your advertising effectiveness and bring prospects into your customer relationship management system.

Traditional Media and Marketing  With 30+ years of marketing and media experience K.Donovan Consulting will help you develop and protect your brand position.  Traditional media may still play a role in your overall marketing mix – put our experience and up-to-date knowledge to work in evaluating and utilizing traditional media channels like: television, radio, print, and outdoor.

Fee Structure Review a fee structure based on years of experience in delivering a fair price for top value service.  Learn how projects are estimated and a “no surprises guarantee” policy is applied.