Content Development

Content Development Icon Part of a successful  inbound marketing strategy is supplying rich content about your business, industry, market segment, products and/or services. Good content builds credibility and demonstrates your understanding and leadership in your industry/business.

This content helps you create a stronger connection with your customer community.  Authentic, balanced and truthful information is what today’s consumer is craving.  That is why premium content such as white papers, e-books, online videos, webinars and blogs are part of the mandate for new media marketing solutions.

Content Development services available from K. Donovan Consulting in partnership with you and your marketing team:

  • Blog strategies and posts
  • Ebook concepts, writing and coordination
  • White paper research, writing and design
  • Video direction and coordination
  • Webinar scripting and consultation
  • Posting on your social media accounts as a voice of your business, coordinate
  • Develop content of sales messages and offers with your marketing team
  • Re-write or amend your website content to encourage organic searches