Fee Structure

Fee Structure and No Surprises Guarantee

No Surprises Icon No Surprises Pricing Guarantee – K.Donovan Consulting operates on an established price schedule and estimate methodology.  You will be alerted in advance should there be any substantial changes to the estimate. These changes may come from additions requested that are beyond the scope of the original estimate or if a vendor estimate changes. You will be involved in the decision-making process should there be an increase to the estimate. The guarantee to you is no surprises at billing.

Pricing Schedule – The prices in the schedule will include the following levels on an Open Rate or Contract Rate basis. Open Rate is the higher priced schedule for shorter term project-based agreements, while the Contract Rate basis is more favorable in return for longer term commitments and multiple projects.

A Level – Consulting/Design/ Planning Fees

B Level – Writing / Facilitation Fees

C Level – Research/Administrative Fees

Time is tracked on a minimum quarter hour basis. Billing occurs either monthly or upon project completion if less than a month.

Expenses- Vendor expenses such as media purchases, distribution fees, recurring subscription fees, and production expenses are presented with a standard 15% markup or media commission. The pricing benefit of long term relationships with key vendors will be passed along to the customer. Some expenses may require advance payment in full or in part.  Sales tax for product resale such as printing will be included in your billing.

Estimates of Expenses- Known expenses will be prepared for your pre-approval based on the known parameters of the purchase.

Flat Fee or Not to Exceed – There are some instances where a flat fee price quote or not to exceed quotes will prevail. In this instance the project scope must be clearly defined and agreed upon. Significant departure from the project scope may cause increased charges, you will be consulted immediately on possible scope and cost changes.

Project Initiation Agreements-  A project initiation agreement spells out the basics of our relationship and is used to begin the work process. It provides protections such as confidentiality, length of agreement and remedies for default.

Retainer Relationships – Uses the above described fee schedules but creates a way to even out monthly payments over a longer period of time. A retainer agreement identifies a list of projects and scope with a finite bank of service hours which are tracked monthly.