Inbound Marketing

Best Choice Icon Many businesses have implemented pieces of online marketing, yet many do not reap the real benefits of an integrated inbound marketing plan. This marketing approach is defined as all those tactics and disciplines that will help your business get found online. And, while paid strategies such as pay per click could figure into an overall marketing plan, inbound focuses on those tactics that will improve non-paid organic searches:

– Your optimized website

– A regular blog presence

– A reasonable commitment to relevant social media networks

– Premium content and offers to educate and engage your prospects/customers

Additionally to maximize, evaluate and analyze your progress with inbound marketing the use of the following is an important part of your inbound strategy:

– Landing pages to focus on single offerings and capturing prospect data

– Email marketing tactics to convert leads generated by landing pages to customers

– Keyword/keyword phrases research and implementation to maximize organic searches

– AB Testing of your online messages for quick feedback and refinement of messages

– Analysis of performance with Google Analytics, Facebook Insight, integrated software

K. Donovan Consulting offers services to support Inbound Marketing

  •      Plan development
  •      Recommendations for website improvement
  •      Blog content recommendations, blog planning and blog writing
  •      Keyword Phrase research and plan implementation
  •      Lead Conversion tactics
  •      Social Media Coaching and Integration into overall plan