Online Advertising

Online Advertising IconNew digital media offers rich opportunities to market online. Like most advertising the name of the game is still about understanding who and where your customers are by demographics like age, geography and lifestyle. Plus, paying a fair price for serving up your advertising message with frequency and impact. In addition, with online advertising, it is possible to enhance returns by linking your advertising to a landing page and website to begin a cycle of engagement that can lead to customer conversions.

Online Advertising services provided by K.Donovan Consulting include:

  • Media Evaluation
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Ad Placement
  • Ad Design

Online Advertising venues include but are not limited to:

  • Social Media marketing such as Facebook Advertising and Sponsored links
  • Google Ad Words
  • Content Network Advertising
  • Digital Media News Publications (General News or Industry-Specific)
  • Remarketing