You Don’t Know Jack – But You Should


Coffee cup and computerThere is a guy that is a regular visitor to the coffee shop that I often use as a satellite office. His name is Jack, he looks to be in his 60’s but has the energy of a child. It is clear to me that Jack has some developmental delays. It makes me feel proud that the coffee shop owners and staff welcome and care for Jack as if he is family. They send an unspoken message to the other patrons of the shop that Jack is a welcome visitor.

Jack is often supplied with paper and crayons along with his coffee. He sometimes walks around the shop engaging other patrons with the opening gambit “Do you know my name?” Most of the regulars respond warmly, “Yes, it is Jack.” A back and forth of pleasantries ensues until Jack ends the conversation with “I like you!” If you stay long enough at the coffee shop it is possible to experience this same exchange two or three times, “How you know my name,” exclaims Jack.

Jack, this innocent soul, reveals to us, busy with our day to day responsibilities, that we are all the same, we want to be seen, to be known. I am humbled by the courage to ask the question: “Do you know my name?”

We can all learn a lesson of caring, courage, and authenticity from Jack. Do you reveal your true self to those that you want to know you?